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Locked Technical ArticleCC4 packaging index article
 An index article with links to CC4 packaging articles, guides and troubleshooting articles.

News ArticleRM Package Blueprint Template
 RM Package Blueprint Template is an evolution of RM Package Blueprint. It will help you to keep your applications and plugins up-to-date easily by making installation and distribution on your Community Connect network swift and simple.

Locked DownloadCC4 packaging guide
 A top-level guide to packaging applications on CC4 covering the different methods which you can use to get an application ready for assignment to computers.

Locked Technical ArticleRM Support - Frequently asked questions (FAQ) on Community Connect 4 (CC4)
 Contains a list of the most common questions our RM Support team gets asked plus links to the articles that answer them. Includes questions on computer build, packaging and the RM Management Console information.

Latest Technical Articles for Applications

Locked Technical ArticleMS Office 2019 fails to activate during installation - 17 Jan 2020

MS Office Pro Plus 2019 64 bit client integration package is failing to activate on install. Users are being prompted for activation on first run of the product. Activation then succeeds.

Locked Technical ArticleMicrosoft Teams for Community Connect 4 networks - 11 Dec 2019

Provides the instructions for downloading and installing Microsoft Teams for Community Connect 4 networks.

Locked Technical ArticleMicrosoft Office 2019 and Office 365 'Click-To-Run' installation failures affect package assignments and build process - 25 Nov 2019

The CC4 Microsoft Office 'Click-To-Run' packages can fail to install if the download from the content store fails. This, in turn, can affect builds to locations where the Office package is allocated.

Locked Technical ArticleUEV can cause the Network Recycle Bin to fill up for users - 22 Feb 2019

User Experience Virtualisation (UEV) settings change frequently and are captured by the Network Recycle Bin (NRB) causing it to fill up.

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CC4 Applications Area
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Locked News ArticleRM Package Blueprint Plus for Oracle VirtualBox (with added Windows 10 Support)
RM Package Blueprint Template
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