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Technical ArticleHow to grant access to your Gmail account to another user
 Outlines the process of granting access to your Gmail account to another user.

Technical ArticleHow to add/remove Microsoft Teams members and change their roles
 Outlines the process of adding/removing Microsoft Teams members and changing their roles.

Technical ArticleHow to add a printer to your computer
 Outlines the process of adding/re-adding a printer to your computer.

Technical ArticleHow to clear Google Chrome browsing data
 Outlines the process of clearing Google Chrome browsing data.

Technical ArticleHow to open a delegated mailbox in Outlook (web)
 Outlines the process of opening a delegated mailbox in Microsoft Outlook (web).

Technical ArticleStaff instructions for changing a pupil's password in CC4
 Provides a video explaining the steps you need to take to change a pupil's password.

DownloadProcess for how to disable and enable internet access for users in CC4
 Process for disabling and enabling users from the internet in CC4.

Technical ArticleHow to log, view and update support calls using RM Support Online
 Step by step guide on how to log, view or update calls using RM Support Online.

News ArticleGood practice in network management
 Looks at the various maintenance procedures for a network, such as procedures that should be carried out daily, weekly, monthly and termly.

Technical ArticleHow to find and download software from your My Account area
 Describes how to find and download software products delivered to your My Account area on the www.rm.com website.

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Technical ArticlePRIMARYTSAFAILEDPROCESSING. User.... Current connection to Active Directory has corrupted in RM Unify User Audit Log - 03 Feb 2023

Explains the workaround to be performed for the RM Unify Audit log error "PRIMARYTSAFAILEDPROCESSING. User.... Current connection to Active Directory has corrupted."

Technical ArticleRM Unify status page - 03 Feb 2023

Details the RM Unify status page, its functions and where to find it.

Technical ArticleHow to set up Seneca Learning with an RM Unify federated Microsoft 365 domain - 03 Feb 2023

Explains how to enable authentication to Seneca Learning where the Microsoft 365 domain is federated to RM Unify.

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