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How do I use Support Online to log a call?

Support Online

Our Support website at support.rm.com has been designed to give the greatest value to those who register and log on with their username and password. If you would like to register, please click on the Register link and follow the on-screen instructions. We will endeavour to get a username and password to you within one working day.

Registered users
As a registered user, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Unlock documents enabling you to access a much larger proportion of our Knowledge Library.
  • Log a support call online.
  • Review, update or close any existing calls logged with RM Support without having to phone in. Please request this functionality using the 'contact us' link if your establishment doesn't already have it.

How to log in
Click on Login and type in your username and password.

Any time, anywhere

To solve your queries more quickly, we encourage you to start by visiting our Knowledge Library where you will find lots of relevant information to help you. Alternatively you can interact with our Support engineers by logging a call online from My Support Calls.

A guide to each area of the website follows.

Support home
  • Latest News & Technical Articles
    The most recent items of news and the recently authored technical articles are displayed on the Support home page. For a greater selection simply click on More News... or More Articles.

  • Latest Drivers & Downloads
    The Latest Drivers & Downloads area on the Support home page features the three most recently released drivers or downloads. You can access additional downloads in the following ways:
    • Click on the More Downloads... button at the bottom of the Latest Drivers & Downloads area.
    • Browse to the required download in the 'Drivers and Downloads' folder of the Knowledge Library.
    • Search for the required download in the Knowledge Library by typing in some relevant keywords.
    • Look at the latest Drivers and Downloads featured in the box on the relevant Portal page.

  • Support Portals
    The portal pages promote the latest news, articles and downloads specific to your systems. Check the portals for information focused on your needs including the latest Knowledge Library technical and news articles, for the opportunity to Have Your Say, and for details of forthcoming events.

  • RSS Feeds
    RSS is an easy way for you to keep updated automatically on websites you like. Instead of having to go to our websites to see if we've written a new article or documented a new feature, you can use RSS to get us to tell you every time we have something new. RM Support Online now offers RSS feeds (or channels) on most of its portals.

  • My Support
    This section on the Support home portal gives you access to:
    • My Profiles - Summarise your own skills/experience and complete an online record of your establishment's IT infrastructure.
    • My Contracts & Warranties - Find contracts and warranties related to your hardware.
    • My Equipment - View a summary of the equipment we currently have registered to you.
My Support Calls
  • Log a new call
    You can log a new call by clicking the LOG A SUPPORT CALL link at www.rm.com/support. New calls will be directed to your Support team and we aim to respond within four hours.
  • Review, update or close existing calls
    • View a summary of your support calls and the calls of other establishments you may support.
    • Review updates from us and edit calls with your responses.
    • Close calls that have been resolved and view old (closed) calls that have previously helped you.  
    • Download details of your calls into a Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet.

Whenever you edit an existing call, an email is automatically sent to us and we aim to respond within ten hours.

Please check your Service Level Agreement as some customers will have different response times.

  • Upload a file to a new or existing support call
    You can easily upload files, e.g. a log file or screenshot, to a new or existing support call. Browse to the file you want to upload and click Upload File.
  • Update your Support Profile
    Help us to resolve your calls more efficiently by recording the current status of your IT infrastructure. Support engineers will refer to this profile each time you log a call so that early diagnostics can be achieved in the shortest possible time.
Knowledge Library

To search the Knowledge Library:

  1. Type in your username and password and click on Login.
  2. Navigate to the Knowledge Library tab.  
  3. Type in words that describe your query.
  4. Click Search.

Re-order the results by date so that the most recently added article appears at the top of the list.

The articles returned have a technical rating which shows both the complexity of the procure as well as the level of risk  associated with it. Making a change using a rating one is less risky and easier to follow then a rating of three.

Your search can be repeated in RM Communities.

For help searching on a specific computer by serial number, click here.

  • Can't find anything that's relevant?

Use the Can't Find It? link to send an enquiry to our online librarian. We will endeavour to find a match for you or will create an authoring request to fill the knowledge gap you have identified.

My Library

My Library is a tool that allows you to create your own library of articles and to share these with your colleagues.

My Library has three distinct areas:

  • Recently Viewed Articles lists all knowledge articles that you have accessed in the past eight weeks. Choose specific articles from this list that you wish to store for future reference.
  • My Library is for you to store documents in your own folders, organising them in a way that makes best sense for you.
  • Shared Library can be the central technical reference source for your site. This is where you can create your own library of useful information to share with your colleagues.

We will update articles saved within the library, personal or shared, as and when needed, ensuring you always have the latest information.

My Computer

The My Computer page can help you find articles and downloads relevant to your computer quickly and easily. Simply type in the serial number of your computer into the Serial Number Search box and it will show you various information for your computer, such as:

  • Warranty details.
  • Component parts and equipment details of the system.
  • List of articles and downloads suitable for your computer.
  • List of Support Calls that have been logged for this computer.

Remember, you may need to be logged in to view some of the information.

My Account

My Account

As a registered user, you can access all of your personal and establishment details such as:

  • Set your own timeout for your logon, under 'login and contact details'.  
  • Register for RM Communities.
  • View your satisfaction levels with us and see what we've done with your suggestions for improvement.
  • View your equipment list and inform us of any changes.
  • View and amend the contact details for your establishment.
  • View your orders.
  • Return a recent purchase.