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What is the serial number of my RM computer or server and where can I find it
Published Date : 22 Mar 2002   Last Updated : 04 Jun 2013   Content Ref: TEC9819  


RM computers and servers have a unique serial number

Any computer or server manufactured by RM will have a unique RM serial number. It is very important that when you call us that we are given the correct serial number for the particular system involved. It is also important that you use the correct serial number when looking for Knowledge Library articles relevant to your system (remember the first two digits are always letters i.e. WO rather than W0 (zero).

For RM computers and servers:
The main number that we need to know is the serial number.

The serial number is always two letters followed by eight digits - each serial number is unique.

For example:


Please note: MO, TO and WO above are letters. 

What do these letters stand for?

  • WO = Work Order
  • TO = Transitive Order
  • MO = Manufacturing Order

The last two digits denote the batch number (01-99) of a particular configuration. Thus, if you ordered 56 computers of the same configuration, WO52199901 is the first system and would be identical to WO52199956 which would be the 56th system. Systems that are identical in the first 8 characters (two letters + 6 digits) will have identical components and software.

Where can I find the serial number?
The serial number and model number can be found on one or more labels on your system:

  • The back of the computer (or underside of a notebook).
  • If your computer was purchased after July 1998, it may also have a silver label on either the left or right-hand side of the case.
  • Inside the battery compartment of your notebook.
Image showing the serial number
  Image showing the serial number

  • It may also be displayed on the General page in System Properties (Start menu, Control Panel, System) of your Microsoft® Windows® system.
Image showing the System Properties window
  Image showing the System Properties window

In addition it is recorded:

  • In the file C:\RMEQUIP.LOG file (Equipment Log) on your factory installed hard disk (a copy is also often made as C:\RMEQUIP.TXT).
    Note: Systems manufactured after 2007 may contain this list in html format at C:\RM\RMEQUIP\RMEQUIP.HTM.
  • In the Equipment Log (available online from www.rm.com/support from the 'Serial number search' function in the Knowledge Library search page or the My Computer tab).
Image showing the RM Equipment Log Page window
  Image showing the RM Equipment Log Page window

The RM Equipment Log also contains information about your hardware, the drivers required (shown in red in examples below) and the serial numbers of the components in your system. The serial numbers will help you to identify your stolen equipment, if later recovered by the police.

Example equipment log (C:\RMEQUIP.LOG)

This lists the RM hardware and software options on your system. The driver reference name is indicated in square brackets and may be used to identify and download the latest drivers and manuals from the RM website: http://www.rm.com/support.

Your manuals are also located in the C:\RM\MANUALS directory on your hard disk.

OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 2000 Professional (1-2 CPU) (N6263) [WIN2K]
RM Recovery CD: PN FK515
Operating System Registration PID: 0001904152xxxx
FILESYSTEM: Primary NTFS partition
MOTHERBOARD: RM Intel D845HV Micro ATX 845 Chipset   [D845HV]
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 1.7GHz (133MHz Front Side Bus)
LEVEL 2 CACHE: 256K Full Speed Write Back
FLOPPY DRIVE A: 3.5 1.44Mb
CD-ROM: Sony CRX-1611 x16 x10 x40 IDE CD-RW [CRX1611]
VIDEO: nVidia VANTA-16 AGP 16MB    [VANTA]
SOUND: Creative Audio PCI128V (CT4816)    [CT4816]
ETHERNET: Intel On Board Pro/100 VE    RJ45/Fast [082559ET]
MOUSE: Microsoft Ergonomic Mouse with wheel [ERGO2]
COM1: Enhanced 16550A at I/O 3F8h IRQ4
LPT1: Centronics Compatible at I/O 378h IRQ7

Default BIOS password: RM
MAINBOARD: Intel Corporation   D845HV    for RM plc Serial No. IMHV14005219
DIMM 1: Manufacturer - Infineon                Serial Number - 071E4954
DIMM 2: Manufacturer - Infineon                Serial Number - 071E3D70
IDE PRIMARY MASTER: MAXTOR 6L040J2           Serial Number - 662134154609
IDE PRIMARY SLAVE: None                   
IDE SECONDARY SLAVE: None                   
CPU: Family=15 Model=0 Stepping=10 Serial Number - 00000F0A007A704000000000


The html version (2007+) is similar and an example is shown below (RMEquip.htm):

This lists the RM Hardware and Software options on your System. The driver reference name is indicated in square brackets, and may be used to identify and download the latest drivers and manuals from http://www.rm.com/support. Your manuals are also located in the C:\RM\MANUALS directory on your hard disk.

System Information:
Operating System: Microsoft Windows Vista Business Version: 6.0.6000
Serial Number: WO5190XX01
Vendor: RM plc
Part Number: 1FL5XX
Description: F/A-2080PMDC1GBDDR ECOQUIET2 LW D NFD IXF 160/ V**
Hardware Information:
CPU: Genuine Intel(R) CPU T2130 @ 1.86GHz
Memory Slot 0: Samsung M4 70T2953EZ3-CE6 1024MB
MainBoard: AOpen i945GMm-HL[AO945GM]
Video Controller: Mobile Intel(R) 945GM/GU Express Chipset Family(MB)[0GMA3000]
Audio Controller: Realtek High Definition Audio[0RTEKAZA]
Network Controller 1: Generic Marvell Yukon 88E8053 based Ethernet Controller[088E8001]
Hard drive Position(0): (SATA) HITACHI_HDS721616PLA380 (Size 149GB. Serial No: PVF904Z23ZMBDN)[HDS721616PLA380]
Optical Drive (Master): TSSTcorp CDW/DVD SH-M522C ATA Device
Case: D4
Advanced Hardware Information:
CPU L2 Cache: 1024
CPU Family Model Stepping: x86 Family 6 Model 14 Stepping 12
CPUSerialNumber: BFXXFBFF000006EC
MainBoard BIOS: i945GMm-HL R1.09TR1 Oct.03.2007
Network Controller 1: MAC Address: 00:01:80:67:FE:XX
Max Resolution: 1280x864
Hard drive partitions: C: FileSystem: NTFS Size: 73GB
Hard drive partitions: D: FileSystem: NTFS Size: 74GB
Mainboard GUID: 01189051-0118-0908-3A39-00018067FEXX
GUID Wire Format: 51901801180108093A3900018067FEXX
COA Serial Number: 001440290682XX


If you have no serial number label - use RMSysInfo

Please download and run RMSysInfo from TEC999413 in the Other Useful Articles section below. In most cases, this will find the system serial number from the information programmed into the mainboard at the RM factory. It can also identify the type of mainboard you have currently fitted if it has been changed.

This Windows compatible HTML application will list the hardware and software on your system and can be very helpful in identifying the type of mainboard you have, what drivers you need and how much memory is currently fitted (and free memory slots), MAC addresses, GUIDs, hardware serial numbers, etc.

You can also email the results directly to anyone at RM provided the computer has Internet access (no school mail server or user email account needed).

Other Useful Articles

Where is my RM Equipment Log (RMEQUIP.LOG/RMEQUIP.HTM) (TEC104348)

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