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www.RM.com Remember Me Explained
Remember Me
By ticking the "Remember Me" box you are confirming that you are happy for your login details to be remembered. This means that the next time you visit www.rm.com from this computer we will know who you are and can present you with pricing appropriate to your establishment.  
How it works
We send a cookie to the computer you're using which allows us to recognise you. From then on, when you visit our website you will be automatically logged in and will only have to enter your password if you hit a secure page. If you'd like to be remembered on more than one computer, you'll need to set up this service on each one. However if you have a networked computer and a roaming profile your cookie may be copied to each computer you log onto. If you are unsure about whether you have a roaming profile then ask your network administrator. For your security, if "Remember Me" is not used on a computer for 12 months, it will be disabled on that machine.  
What is a cookie?
A cookie is a small piece of data sent by our website to your computer so that information relating to the website can be recalled. This can only happen if cookies are enabled in your browser. If you are an existing RM customer you should already have cookies enabled as they are needed to use the RM website.  
Is it safe?
Yes. The cookie held on your computer can only be accessed by someone using that computer. No personal or account information is held within the cookie but it means that someone you share the computer with may realise you have an RM.com login. Areas of the site such as the shopping basket require you to reconfirm your password so only you can place orders. We recommend you only set up "Remember Me" on your own computer or a computer you trust and use regularly. You should avoid using it in an internet café or library where many people have access to the computer.  
Remember Me with Community Connect 3

Community Connect 3 SR3 and below use roaming user profiles that transfer your cookies to each computer you log onto. Therefore you will only have to use "Remember Me" once and then www.rm.com will automatically log you in from your transferred cookie when you log on to another computer.

Community Connect 3 SR4 uses "Cookie Optimisation" so your cookies will not be transferred and therefore you'll need to set up "Remember Me" on each computer.

In all cases Community Connect 3 saves cookies in your user profile so your "Remember Me" login will only work if you are logged onto the computer, other users should not be able to access your cookies. If you are unsure about your Community Connect 3 configuration please speak to your network administrator.