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RM Unify Linked Accounts
Published Date : 21 May 2015   Last Updated : 14 Sep 2022   Content Ref: TEC4446743  


Reasons for linking accounts

Do you have multiple RM Unify accounts but struggle to remember all the usernames and passwords?

By linking accounts you can reduce the number of usernames and passwords that you need to remember. This means that you can choose to always log on with your favourite username (perhaps the most memorable), but then be presented with all your linked accounts. You then pick which account you want to use after log on. This doesn't change how we hold your accounts. We don't attempt to consolidate your Launch Pads or your app data across the accounts, we just provide a convenient way to log on and quickly choose the account you want to use.

What type of accounts can be linked?

You can link accounts that have been provisioned by the following methods:

  1. Manually via the RM Unify Management Console
  2. CSV file
  3. MIS Sync in Create Mode*

*Including where RM Unify Network Provisioning is also being used in conjunction with MIS Sync in Create mode at the establishment.

You cannot link accounts provisioned via RM Unify AD Sync because the username and password are controlled by the network, not RM Unify. Accounts provisioned via RM Unify AD Sync will show as sourced from LANSync in their user details. Accounts can be linked across RM Unify establishments, as long as the accounts themselves have not been provisioned via RM Unify AD Sync.

How do you link accounts?
While logged on to one of your accounts, you can link another to it using the 'Link an account' option in My Profile, as shown in the image below.
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  Image showing 'Link an account'

When you choose to link another account, you will be asked to prove that you own that account by providing the username and password. Once the passwords have been authenticated, the accounts will be linked, until one is deleted or you choose to unlink them.
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  Image showing the 'My Profile / Link An Account' window

Notes on passwords
Because you are linking two accounts together, their password become synced. The password of the account you're logged on as gets applied to both accounts and you must change your password at next log on. When changing password there are different password strength requirements depending on whether you are a student, teacher, parent or an administrator. If you link accounts with two different roles, such as a student and a teacher, all future passwords will need to meet the most stringent rules; in this case those of the teacher.


How do you unlink accounts?
  1. Log on to RM Unify using your primary linked account. 
    Note: This will be the first account to which you linked your other account(s).
  2. At top right-hand side, click your username and select My Profile, Linked Accounts.
  3. Find the linked account in the list and click the Remove button, as shown in the image below.

This will unlink the account immediately leaving it with the password of the account it was previously linked to.

Click to view a larger image
  Image showing the Remove button

Possible Issues

Merging RM Unify accounts

The RM Unify product cannot merge accounts. You may have situations within your school whereby, for example, a manual/CSV account is provisioned in RM Unify and at a later date,  a second account is provisioned for the same user from either AD or MIS. In these situations, you can either choose to link the two (or more) accounts, or choose to delete one (or more) of them.

  • AD provisioned RM Unify accounts can only be deleted via the RM Unify AD Sync service
  • MIS provisioned accounts are deleted when the user's MIS record is updated with a leave date
  • CSV provisioned accounts can be deleted from the Management Console or via a CSV upload

In all the cases, when the RM Unify account is deleted, all connected accounts will be deleted or unlicensed, according to the connected apps configuration/terms of use, etc.

More Information

The linking and unlinking process is performed by the end user. It is not something that can be effected by an RM Unify administrator user.

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