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Technical ArticleRM Unify Network Provisioning
 Sync your users from RM Unify down to your Microsoft AD network and synchronise passwords between the network and the cloud.

Technical ArticleRM Unify - Error "You can't sign in because your account has been temporarily locked due to several incorrect sign in attempts"
 Explains why an error message "You can't sign in because your account has been temporarily locked due to several incorrect sign in attempts" is displayed when attempting to log on to RM Unify and other possible conditions which may not be as obvious.

Technical ArticleRM Unify and GDPR
 This index technical article lists all the relevant resources that provide information about GDPR relating to the RM Unify product.

Technical ArticleRM Unify - How to reconnect a recreated RM Unify user's Microsoft Office 365 mailbox
 Details how to identify and resolve RM Unify accounts which have been recreated but not re-connected with their Office 365 mailbox.

Technical ArticleError "invalid username or password" when user tries to sign into RM Unify
 Advice on troubleshooting RM Password Filter on RM Unify if users get the error message "invalid username or password".

Technical ArticlePreparing your network for device single sign-on (SSO) with RM Unify
 Provides the steps for configuring your network to use device SSO with RM Unify.

News ArticleFAQ for Microsoft Office 365 when federated to RM Unify
 Contains information regarding the support level for Microsoft Office 365 via RM Unify and also explains how to resolve some common issues.

Technical ArticleHow to raise an Office 365 support call with Microsoft
 Describes how to raise an Office 365 support call with Microsoft.

Technical ArticleGetting started with Microsoft Office 365
 How to get started with Microsoft Office 365 including where to find your RM Unify site URL, how to sign up with Microsoft, information on the RM Ad Sync Tool and the premigration tasks you need to complete.

Latest Technical Articles for RM Unify

Technical ArticleHow to configure Groupcall Xporter on SIMS server - 17 Aug 2018

Provides steps to configure Groupcall Xporter on the SIMS server.

Technical ArticleRM Unify does not allow IMAP traffic for Office 365 accounts - 09 Aug 2018

Explains why RM Unify no longer accepts authentication of Office 365 accounts via the IMAP protocol.

Technical ArticleGoogle password monitoring tool reports user has a password length of 0 (zero) - 23 Jul 2018

Explains why users may show with a password length of zero on a G Suite organisation federated with RM Unify.

Technical ArticleRM Unify creates Parent group in G Suite despite there are no Parent users - 13 Jul 2018

Details why you may see a Parent group in G Suite when federating to RM Unify, despite no Parent accounts being present in G Suite.

Technical ArticleHow to access installed apps via a direct URL for RM Unify users - 05 Jul 2018

Explains how RM Unify users can still access installed apps, such as Office 365, via a direct URL, even if the app is not on their Launch Pad.

Technical ArticleInstallation services for RM Unify Network Provisioning - 29 Jun 2018

Details the installation services available for RM Unify Network Provisioning.

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