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Support for Dalen/Top-Tec security cages and obtaining replacement keys
Published Date : 12 Jan 2009   Last Updated : 01 Dec 2017   Content Ref: TEC634945  

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Obtaining replacement security keys for your Top-Tec projector security cage


Keep your keys safe!

When you buy a Top-Tec projector security cage from RM, the security cage is installed or delivered supplied with a pair of keys that uniquely correspond to the lock barrels in that particular cage.  We strongly recommend that you not only store these keys in a safe location but that you make a note of both the code number on the lock barrel of the cage (a code number preceded by the letters TT) and the code number on the keys themselves (a number preceded by the letter M) when you first receive them.  In the event that the keys then get misplaced or a replacement is required for any reason, having these two numbers to hand, should help the manufacturer source the appropriate compatible key.  A pair of replacement keys will need to be ordered and a fee will apply.  Replacement keys are not supplied via RM so it will be necessary for you to speak directly with the manufacturer.  Detailed below are the steps to take.

The process for requesting replacement keys is directly managed by the Dalen/Top-Tec as follows:

  1. In the first instance please call Dalen/Top-Tec on (0121) 783 3838 and ask for Sales.  At this point you will be asked to provide your establishment's postcode so that you can be directed to the appropriate Sales contact for your region.
  2. You will then be asked to provide the code number on the lock of the barrel of the security cage in question - this will be a code number beginning with the letters 'TT' and followed by a series of up to six digits.
  3. The contact at Dalen/Top-Tec will then confirm with you the lead time for acquiring and sending out the replacement keys* to you and the relevant cost. Replacement keys are supplied as a pair and are generally subject to a two to three week standard lead time. The cost for a pair of replacement keys is around £12.00 (cost correct as at January 2009) and there may be an additional delivery charge applied.

*In the unlikely event that a replacement key cannot be sourced it may mean that the locks on the cage will need to be drilled out and replaced which would incur an additional charge.



More Information

Support for Dalen/Top-Tec security cages

Support for these products is provided by the manufacturer. Should you require assistance or advice, please contact the supplier/repairer directly using the telephone number or email address provided.

Dalen can be contacted using the following channels:

Company Name:

Dalen/Top-Tec Limited

Telephone -:

0121 783 3838


Warranty Enquiry Line:

0121 783 3838

 Website for Online Support and FAQ's


Support Operating hours:

Monday to Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm

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