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RM Unify SSO status
Published Date : 26 Jun 2021   Last Updated : 08 Jul 2021   Content Ref: TEC7989261  


As part of the ongoing maintenance to the RM Unify platform, RM will be renewing the token signing certificate on Saturday, 26 June 2021. For a number of vendors who have SAML SSO apps in the RM Unify App Library, this means some changes to their configuration to support processing of authentication tokens for those apps.


Requirements for the continued operation of these SAML SSO apps were communicated to the vendors some months ago. They are:

  1. Ensure that the app periodically downloads the RM metadata that is made available. If the app is using a standard Shibboleth SP/implementation, it will most likely already be doing this by default.
  2. Ensure that the app is able to support side by side certificates in the metadata, i.e. if the app's SSO fails to decrypt the first certificate, does it attempt to try the alternative?


If the app vendors have not configured their apps to refresh our metadata, or apply the logic to certificates as stated above, then the renewal of RM's token signing certificate could result in end users of the app being unable to authenticate via RM Unify/Glow.

Possible Issues

Any subsequent authentication issues with third-party SAML SSO apps should be followed up with the vendors themselves via their standard support channels. You may refer them to this article for more information. Support details for each app can be found in the Support Info section when viewing the app in the RM Unify App Library.

More Information

App name

Status of SSO with RM Unify Last updated (BST)
RM Unify Launch Pad OK 26 Jun 2021 10:22
RM Publisher Dashboard OK 26 Jun 2021 10:22
RM Easimaths OK 26 Jun 2021 12:10
RM Finance OK 26 Jun 2021 12:15
RM Integris OK 26 Jun 2021 10:22
RM SafetyNet GO


26 Jun 2021 14:35

RM SafetyNet Transparent UBF
(Captive Portal)


26 Jun 2021 14:16
RM SSL Connect


26 Jun 2021 14:06
RM Training Academy


29 Jun 2021 14:05
Google Workspace OK 26 Jun 2021 11:24
Microsoft 365 OK 26 Jun 2021 10:22
Glow Blogs


28 Jun 2021 10:22
Glow - Languages on Screen


05 Jul  2021 14:55
Glow - SCHOLAR OK 26 Jun 2021 12:00
Glow - Scran OK 26 Jun 2021 12:00
Glow - Scotland on Screen


05 Jul  2021 14:55
Glow - Screening Shorts


05 Jul  2021 14:55
Glow - SNSA OK 26 Jun 2021 11:45
Glow - TigTag OK 26 Jun 2021 11:52
Glow - TigTag Junior OK 26 Jun 2021 11:52
Glow - Twig OK 26 Jun 2021 11:52
Britannica ImageQuest OK 30 Jun 2021 21:45
Britannica School OK 30 Jun 2021 21:45
Education City


28 Jun 2021 08:16
J2E OK 01 Jul  2021 12:40
Mathletics OK 26 Jun 2021 12:10
Purple Mash


28 Jun 2021 15:00
Satchel OK 28 Jun 2021 14:23
Spellodrome OK 26 Jun 2021 12:10
VivoClass Not operational - vendor has been contacted 05 Jul 2021  08:19

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