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How to archive/restore Class Teams and copy files between Class Teams
Published Date : 27 May 2021   Last Updated : 11 May 2022   Content Ref: TEC7930006  



In Microsoft® Teams, you may want to archive some Teams you have created for Classes as you need to use new Classes for the next academic year. Archiving a Team removes the Team from your Active Teams list and halts the Team's activities. All the content associated with the Team, including files, conversations, grades and assignments, etc. (which you can re-use later) are saved and you will be able to access it any time.

This article outlines the procedures required for archiving and restoring Classes in Microsoft Teams. It also provides details on how to copy files from one Class to another Class Team and re-use assignments from archived Teams.

What happens when a Team is archived?
Archiving a Team does not delete it. In an archived Team, all the activities in the Team, including the ability to add or edit channels, post messages, or create new assignments, are halted. However, the Team owners can still add or remove Team members and update their roles. An archived Team will no longer appear with your view of Active Teams.


How to manually archive a Team

To manually archive a Team, follow the steps given below:
Note: You should be an owner of the Class Team to carry out the below steps.

  1. Click the 'More options' icon (as shown in the image below), next to the filter icon.
Image showing the 'More options' icon

  1. Select 'Manage teams'.
Image showing 'Manage teams'

  1. Click the 'More options' icon (three dots icon) next to a Team's name and select 'Archive team'.
Image showing 'Archive team'

  1. To view an archived Team, click the 'More options' icon and select 'Manage teams' again. Scroll down to the bottom of your Teams list to view the expandable list of archived Teams.

Restoring an archived Team
  1. To restore an archived Team, click the 'More options' icon next to the Team's name and select 'Restore team', as shown in the image below.
Image showing 'Restore team'

How to copy files from one Class to another Class
  1. In the channel of your Team, select the Files tab.
  2. Select all the files (except Class Materials) and click Copy.
Image showing Copy

  1. Select the Team and channel to which you want to paste the files.
  2. For the Class Materials files, open the Class Materials folder and then follow steps 2-3 to copy them to another Team.

Re-use assignments from archived Teams

Microsoft Teams allows you to re-use assignments you have created in any Team, whether it is from an archived Class or not. To re-use an assignment, follow the steps given below:

  1. Navigate to the General Class of your current Class and select Assignments.
  2. Click Create and select 'From existing'.
Image showing 'From existing'

  1. Select the Class where you originally created the assignment.
Image showing the Class where you originally created the assignment

  1. Click Next.
  2. Select the assignment you want to re-use.
  3. Click Next.
Image showing Next

  1. The assignment will recreate all the information you had included before. Edit any assignment details you want to change and then select Classes or individual students to assign the work to.
  2. Click Assign. This will notify your student of their new assignment.

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