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Using RM Unify provisioned Microsoft 365 Classes to create class teams
Published Date : 08 Feb 2021   Last Updated : 01 Mar 2023   Content Ref: TEC7699072  


You are using RM Unify Group Sync to create your MIS groups (year groups, teaching groups and registration groups) in Microsoft® 365™ as education classes. You then wish to use those classes to create class teams.

The huge benefit of using classes (as opposed to Microsoft 365 Groups) to provision your teams is that the class and team membership is automatically kept in sync with your MIS via RM Unify Group Sync. This type of sync does not happen automatically with Microsoft 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams.


Your education classes must already have been provisioned to Microsoft 365 using the RM Unify Group Sync feature. For more information, please see TEC7627933 in the Other Useful Articles section below.

If you are using MIS Sync in Link mode, all your required staff and student RM Unify user accounts must be linked to their MIS records and all the MIS group data must be fully in sync between your MIS and RM Unify.


  1. In Microsoft 365, select the Microsoft Teams app, or simply open the desktop version of Teams, if it is installed.
  2. With Teams selected in the left-hand menu (highlighted as '1.' in the image below), click the 'Suggested classes' icon , which may appear top-right or bottom-left, (highlighted as '2.' in the image below). This opens the 'Create your class teams' window.
  3. Select the class you wish to create as a class team (highlighted as '3.' in the image below) and click Create (highlighted as '4.' in the image below).
  4. The class team is created in a pending state, with the correct student membership, but also invisible to those students
  5. Once you have uploaded class materials/resources, set up class notebooks, created assignments, etc., you can click the Activate button to make it live and accessible to the students.
Image showing Create

Alternative method for setting up class teams

On occasion, it can take some time before the 'Suggested classes' icon  is available in your Teams app. Until it becomes available, you can use the alternative method below for creating your class teams.

Please note: It is important to follow this process exactly as it is, to ensure that your class teams are created from the RM Unify provisioned education classes to maintain sync between your MIS and your class teams.

  1. In a web browser, log on to Microsoft 365 and select the Microsoft Teams app.
  2. In the left-hand menu, with Teams selected, select 'Join or create team' - depending on your view, this may be in the top-right or bottom-left in Teams.
  3. Select 'Create team' and select Class as the team type.
  4. At the 'Create your team' prompt, select the 'Create a team using a group set up by you or <your Microsoft 365 tenancy>' option.
Image showing the 'Create a team using a group set up by you or <your Microsoft 365 tenancy>' option

Note: If you do not see the 'Create a team using a group set up by you or <your Microsoft 365 tenancy>' option then you may not be set as a class owner. Please see the Possible Issues section below for more information.

  1. At the 'Which group would you like to use for your team?' prompt, browse to your desired class and select 'Choose group' - you will see a "Creating the team" message.
  2. Once completed, you will see the message "Your class awaits. This class is currently pending and invisible to your students. Select Activate when you're done setting this team up to let your students in".
  3. Click OK.
  4. Your class team is created and is ready for you to upload class materials/resources and to set up class notebooks, assignments, etc.
Image showing options to upload class materials/resources and to set up class notebooks, assignments, etc.

Microsoft have advised that completing the creation of at least one team via this method will then prompt the 'Suggested classes' icon to appear in the web and desktop Teams app.

Possible Issues

I don't see the expected class(es) or the option 'Create a team using a group set up by you ..'

This might be because the user signed into Teams is not a class owner. Please see TEC5285553 in the Other Useful Articles section below to check which users are assigned class group owners by default and the behaviour for manually adding additional owners if required. 

To check if a Microsoft 365 group has the expected default group owners:

  1. Sign into the Microsoft Admin Center as a global administrator.
  2. Click 'Teams & groups'.
  3. Select the class group.
  4. To view owners, click Members.

More Information

When an education class is deleted from Microsoft 365, the class team will also be deleted, along with all the materials and resources. RM Unify never deletes groups or classes from Microsoft 365, unless an RM Unify user explicitly chooses to delete the MIS group via the RM Unify Management Console.

Other Useful Articles

RM Unify Group Sync for Microsoft 365 groups (TEC5285553)
RM Unify Group Sync for Microsoft 365 education classes (TEC7627933)
RM Unify Group Sync - what happens to groups at the end of the year rollover (TEC5786546)

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