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How to create a class team in Microsoft Teams from a Microsoft 365 group
Published Date : 20 Aug 2020   Last Updated : 05 Aug 2021   Content Ref: TEC7426106  


You are using RM Unify Group Sync to sync your users and groups (year groups, teaching and registration groups) to Microsoft® 365™ and create Microsoft 365 Groups. You would also like to create class teams in Microsoft Teams.

Note: In February 2021, RM Unify released the ability to create Microsoft 365 education classes instead of Microsoft 365 Groups. Teams created from these new education classes have the added benefit of dynamic group membership, meaning future group changes in your MIS are automatically reflected in the linked class team. You may wish to use this new feature instead of following this article to create class teams from existing Microsoft 365 Groups. To find out more, please see TEC7627933 in the Other Useful Articles section below.

If you are not comfortable manually creating class teams, or don't have the time, RM's expert technical teams can assist you with the automatic class teams creation. For further information, please speak to your Sales representative on 0845 070 0300 or email networks@rm.com, quoting this article.


  1. In Microsoft 365, select the Microsoft Teams app.
  2. With Teams selected in the left-hand menu, select 'Create team'.
  3. As the team type, select Class.
  4. Enter the desired name of the class team, e.g. 'Y11 Science'.
  5. Enter the desired name of the class, e.g. 'Y11 Science'.
  6. To create the team, click Next.
  7. To add users to the team, select the Students tab and enter the Microsoft 365 Group name you want to add, e.g. '11Sc [1234567] [2019]'.
    Note: Although Microsoft uses a dynamic discover feature to find the existing groups, you may find that you have to enter the full name of the group in order for discover to successfully find it. For example, when looking for group '11Sc [1234567] [2019]', the search term '11' alone may not discover the group, you may need to enter '11Sc [1234567]'.
  8. Select the desired group and click Add.
    Note: Members of the selected group are added as direct members of the class team. The group itself is not added, so any future membership changes to the group will not be automatically reflected in the class team. Membership changes to the team should be managed manually from within the team or from the 'Microsoft Teams admin center'.
  9. Select the Teachers tab and enter the name of each teacher you want to add.
    Note: Licensed Microsoft 365 accounts will display Student, Teaching Staff, or Non-Teaching Staff next to their names in the pick list.
  10. Click Add.
  11. Click Close.
  12. Your class team is created with the Class Notebook, Assignments and Grades tabs.
Image showing the 'Y11 Science' class team with Class Notebook, Assignment and Grades tabs

Possible Issues

Within the 'Microsoft 365 admin center' Groups area, there is an option to create a team directly from an existing group. However, as of August 2020, Microsoft has not made the 'class' team template available to this area. This means that while a team can be created from an existing Microsoft 365 group, it will not include the Class Notebook, Assignments and Grades tabs, nor can it be converted into such a class team.

Image showing the standard team

Other Useful Articles

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