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In Google Admin, student accounts have not been placed in their 'year of entry' organisational unit
Published Date : 04 Aug 2020   Last Updated : 18 Nov 2021   Content Ref: TEC7395023  


In the Google Admin console, you see that one or more student accounts have not been placed in their respective 'year of entry' organisational unit even though their linked RM Unify user account has a 'year of entry' value.


This can occur in rare instances where the user is provisioned prior to the creation of their 'year of entry' organisational unit.


Resync users

Use the 'Resync users' feature in the RM Unify app library to resync your RM Unify users to Google. This may force creation of the missing organisational unit and affected user accounts will be automatically moved to their correct organisational unit. Please see TEC4101743 in the Other Useful Articles section below.

If this does not resolve the issue, proceed to the next section.

Manually create the missing organisational unit
  1. Sign into the Google Admin console as a super admin user.
  2. Click 'Organisational units'.
  3. Expand Students.
  4. Expand 'UnifyEstablishment (<DfECode>)'.
  5. Confirm which 'year of entry' organisational unit is missing, e.g. 'Year 2015'.
  6. Click the plus '+' sign next to 'UnifyEstablishment (<DfECode>)' to create a new organisational unit.
  7. Enter the desired name. This will be in the format "Year xxxx" (without quote marks).
  8. Enter the description: All <UnifyEstablishment> students who joined education in xxxx.
  9. Click Create.
  10. Resync users from RM Unify by following TEC4101743 in the Other Useful Articles section below.

Other Useful Articles

How to use the Resync Users functionality in RM Unify (TEC4101743)

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