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Using Process Monitor to troubleshoot RM Unify Network Provisioning
Published Date : 08 Jul 2020   Content Ref: TEC7367661  


RM Unify Network Provisioning is not working and you would like to use Process Monitor to provide more detailed diagnostics. The Cloud Support team may request you to complete this task as part of a support call.


  1. On the RM Unify Network Agent server, download and install Process Monitor.
  2. Browse to where you have installed Process Monitor and double-click Procmon.exe to launch the tool.
  3. In Process Monitor, click File, Capture Events to start traffic capture.
  4. Reproduce the issue.
  5. In Process Monitor, click File, Capture Events to stop traffic capture. Depending on the issue, you may have to wait several minutes before stopping traffic capture to ensure the Network Agent has had time to attempt (and fail) to process the event.
  6. From the toolbar, click Filter.
  7. Select a desired filter. Select Include, click Add and then OK. Usually, there is no need to remove the default filter exclusions that automatically appear in the filter list.
Process Monitor Filter

  1. Selecting the desired filter will depend on what you need to troubleshoot and you may often need to try different filters. Here are some useful filter examples:
    • "Operation is WriteFile"
    • "Result is FAIL/FAILURE"
    • "Process Name is RM.Unify.NetworkAgent.Service.exe"
  2. View the filtered capture results for any failures or useful indications.
  3. To save the results, click File, Save. The default file format is '.PML' (Native Process Monitor Format) for viewing using Process Monitor. You can optionally select the CSV format.
Process Monitor Save To File

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