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RM Unify MIS User Rename
Published Date : 21 Aug 2019   Last Updated : 08 Sep 2022   Content Ref: TEC6902586  


The MIS User Rename functionality helps RM Unify super admins to rename user accounts in bulk, quickly and easily. You may have the need to bulk rename user accounts where:

  • Your establishment has recently decided to change username format and you wish to update already provisioned accounts.
  • You have entered the next academic year's student intake into MIS (sometimes called pre-provisioning) and may also have the year of entry selected as a username format element. This results in usernames being created with the current academic year (e.g. 21jsmith) instead of the actual academic year they start (22jsmith).
  • You wish to use a username format not currently available in the Account Settings page
  • You wish to add randomised numbers or letters to usernames to obfuscate the user's identity and, where Microsoft® 365™ or Google Workspace is installed, their email address.


  1. Log on to the RM Unify Management Console as a super admin and navigate to the Users page.
  2. Using the View filter, select the Role type of the users you wish to rename, e.g Students. Alternatively you could select a specific Year Group.
  3. Use the second drop-down, 'users from', to select MIS as the provisioning source.
  4. Select the Actions drop-down and choose 'Download all users in the group', the file will save to your computer as 'EstablishmentUsers.csv'.
  5. Open the file and delete the users (rows) you do not wish to change.
  6. Make the changes you require to the remaining values in the Username column only and save the file, making sure that it remains saved as the csv file type and not .xls or .xlsx etc. Changes made to any other column in the file eg. DisplayName, UnifyEmailAddress are ignored on upload.
  7. From the left-hand menu, navigate to Account Settings.
  8. On the Username Formats page, in top-right, select the MIS User Rename button.
  9. Select Browse, select the edited csv file, select Open
  10. Optionally, tick the box 'Clear email address overrides'.
    Note: Clearing email address overrides will update the user's RM Unify email address to reflect their new RM Unify username. If you are not sure whether to tick this box, please see the section 'Why did the user's email address not update following the username change?' below.
  11. Click Upload.


  • If the file fails any validation checks (for example, the desired username has already been taken), these will be displayed on the page and must be addressed before the file will be accepted for processing
  • The updated usernames should appear in RM Unify within an hour, with apps receiving the changes shortly afterwards.
  • Only MIS sourced users and only their usernames, can be edited via this method.
  • The User Audit page will show a 'Username change requested' message for each user/row in the uploaded csv file.

Possible Issues

Why did the user's email address not update following the username change?

Where a username is changed and the user has an RM Unify email address, the email address will also be updated except in cases where the user has an email override in place. An email override is where the user's email address has been specially set in the past and is usually (but not always) set to a value that doesn't reflect the user's username. An override could be in place in the following circumstances:

  1. The user's email address has previously been synced from AD by RM Unify AD Sync's 'mail' attribute functionality.
  2. The user was matched to a pre-existing Microsoft 365 and/or Google Workspace account when the RM Unify establishment was federated to one or both of these services.
  3. The user's email address has previously been changed in the RM Unify Management Console, using the 'Change email address' or 'Bulk change email addresses' action.

In these scenarios, it is considered that the current email address held in RM Unify remains the desired one and so, subsequent username changes will not automatically update the email address.

Where an override is in place, you can select to manually change the email address on a per user or bulk basis, or clear the overrides for multiple users so that their RM Unify email address reflects the 'userid' part of their RM Unify username.

To change the email addresses on a per user basis:

  1. Navigate to Users, using the View filter, select the correct role and search for the user.
  2. Click Actions for the user and from the drop-down, select 'Change email address'.
  3. Enter the new email address. This can be any value on the federated domain, as long as the email address is not currently assigned to another RM Unify user.
  4. Click Save.

To change the email addresses on a bulk basis, please refer to TEC8279830 in the Other Useful Articles section below.

Alternatively, you can select to clear email address overrides for multiple users at the same time as renaming them using the MIS User Rename feature. Clearing an email address override will update the user's RM Unify email address to reflect the 'userid' part of their RM Unify username. You do not have the option of specifying a custom email address. Here's an example:

Existing RM Unify username Existing RM Unify email address New RM Unify username uploaded using MIS User Rename feature Clear email address overrides ticked? Resultant RM Unify username Resultant RM Unify email address
TRoberts@SchoolA Tanor.Roberts@SchoolA TanRoberts@SchoolA No TanRoberts@SchoolA Tanor.Roberts@SchoolA.com
TRoberts@SchoolA Tanor.Roberts@SchoolA TanRoberts@SchoolA Yes TanRoberts@SchoolA TanRoberts@SchoolA.com

Why did the username not change?

When the csv file of username changes is uploaded, an entry appears in the User Audit log for each user, which reads, "Username change requested". However, if the update(s) subsequently fail during processing there will be no further message logged in the User Audit logs, the affected username(s) will simply remain unchanged.

To workaround this, locate the user in the RM Unify Management Console and, using the Actions menu, select the 'Change username' option to manually update to the desired username. If you are still unable to change the username, please log a call with RM Support for further investigation.

How do I find the most recently created users?
The csv file has a Date Created column, which can be used to sort the users by descending order, using the 'Z to A' button on the DATA tab in Microsoft® Excel.

I have a lot of users to update. How can I do this easily?

By using the Flashfill function of Excel (available in Excel 2013 and above), you may be able to quickly and easily update your required users, e.g you have pre-provisioned your 2019 student intake, but as you use the year of entry element in your username format, they have been created with a username like g.smith2018 (current academic year) instead of g.smith2019 (next academic year):

  1. Download your csv file and delete users (rows) you do not wish to change as per steps 1 to 5 in the Procedure section above.
  2. Open the file in Excel, right-click column C and select Insert from the menu.
  3. For the first user, in cell C2, enter the updated username.
  4. Select cell C3 and start to type the updated username for the next user.
  5. You will see Excel 'ghost fill' the column with usernames, predicted from the ones you have already entered, see the image below.
  6. To accept the updated usernames, press Enter.
  7. Enter the title of Username in cell C1, delete column B (your updated usernames will now become column B) and Save the file as a csv file.
  8. From the left-hand menu, navigate to Account Settings.
  9. On the Username Formats page, in top-right, select the MIS User Rename button.
  10. Select Browse, select the edited csv file, select Open and then Upload.
Flashfill in Excel 2013

Other Useful Articles

FAQ for RM Unify MIS Sync (TEC5983537)
Change RM Unify email addresses in bulk (TEC8279830)

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