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RM Unify Launch Pad notifications FAQ
Published Date : 06 Mar 2018   Last Updated : 22 Dec 2022   Content Ref: TEC6047587  

More Information

General information

Examples of when a notification could be used:

  • A new app available to staff and/or students
  • School network maintenance
  • Informal reminders to groups of users

Notifications should not be considered as a replacement for:

  • Emails to staff and/or students
  • An emergency communication system
  • The sole reference to important policies or messages

Link to page in Management Console:


Who can create notifications?
An RM Unify admin. They will see a link to the Notifications page under the Establishment heading of the Management Console.
Where do users see notifications?
When users log in to the RM Unify Launch Pad, a pop-out window will indicate that there are unread notifications, and the bell icon in the header will be coloured gold.

Image showing the pop-out window

Selecting View will expand the window to show the full text of the notifications and any links included. Clicking a link will open a new browser tab.
Image showing expanded notifications pop-out

Can users dismiss notifications?
Yes. If a user clicks the 'x' icon on an individual notification to dismiss it, this notification will not be displayed to that user again.

Can admins delete notifications?
Yes, admins can delete them from the published notifications table on the Notifications page, by clicking the bin/trash icon. Admins may wish to delete an expired notification to clear it from the list. If an admin deletes an active notification it will no longer be displayed to users. If the user is logged on then this will be removed the next time the Launch Pad is reloaded or refreshed.
Can admins or users view deleted notifications?
If an admin adds a new notification to be shown to users today, will users see that notification immediately?
It will take up to ten minutes for new notifications to be displayed to users. Plus, new notifications are only loaded when the Launch Pad is reloaded or refreshed.
How does an admin add a link to a notification?
When publishing a new notification, enter the URL to link to in the Link field. See the place holder text in that field for some example URLs.
What is the 'Super Admin' role?
This allows you to publish notifications to only those users with RM Unify super admin rights.
Are start and end dates inclusive?
Yes, notifications will be displayed from the beginning of the start date until the end of the expiry date.
What's the 'Published by' information for?
This is an optional, free text, area that admins may wish to use to indicate who published the notification. This text is displayed to users along with the notification message.
Can I publish a notification to child establishments?
Yes. If the admin manages child establishments, they can optionally tick 'Also publish to my child establishments' to publish a new notification to users of the selected roles within that establishment and within all child establishments.
Can admins view a list of published notifications?
Yes. A table of published notifications is displayed on the Notifications page in the Management Console. The table includes active, as well as expired and future, notifications.

Can admins edit notifications that have already been published?
No, it is not possible to edit published notifications. Admins can click the message text of a published notification in the table to view the whole message and can copy and paste the text into a new notification, if required.

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