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How to log, view and update support calls using RM Support Online
Published Date : 29 Apr 2014   Last Updated : 20 Dec 2021   Content Ref: TEC4745850  


Our Support website support.rm.com has been designed to give the greatest value to those who register and log on with their username and password. This allows you to access RM Support Online to log, view and update support calls. It will also grant access to the Knowledge Library, which contains a vast collection of technical and 'how to' documents.


Register for a login

Before you can make full use of the RM Support website, you will need to register with us. To do this, go to https://www.rm.com/ContactUs/RegistrationType.asp and follow the onscreen instructions.
Note: You need to register in order to log and update support calls.

Image showing the registration window for rm.com

Log in

Once you have registered, you will be issued with a username and password. Keep these credentials safe as you will need them to access your support calls and all of our help articles. 

When you log on to support.rm.com, you will arrive at our main support page (as shown in the image below) with access to your support calls, Knowledge Library and the dedicated support areas, e.g. CC4 support portal, RM Unify portal and more.

How to log a new call

  1. Click the LOG A SUPPORT CALL link and you will be taken to the My Support Calls page.
Image showing the RM Support homepage and the LOG A SUPPORT CALL link

  1. Click the 'Log a Call' link on the right-hand side under Just LogIT!
    Note: The 'Log a Call' link may be named differently depending on your support contract, but it will always appear under the Just LogIT! section.
Image showing the My Support Calls page and the 'Log a Call' link


  1. You will be taken to a window with some drop-down menus or questions depending on your support contract. Complete the fields as required and then click Next.
  2. The next screen is where you will enter the details and reason for your support call. Please enter as much relevant information as you can at this point. You will also be able to select a contact number and email address from the Your Details section. (You do not need to enter anything in the Serial No field.)
  3. Finally, click Submit.
Image showing the 'Log a Support Call' window

  1. On the next page you will be shown an overview of all your support call information, along with the support call reference number. Every call you log will be given a unique reference.
Image showing the call reference number

How to view or update an existing call
  1. To view or update an existing call, click the My Support Calls tab and then click the support call reference that you would like to view/update. Depending on the state that call is in, it will have a coloured shape next to it. In the example below, the call 4879849 is awaiting a customer action.
Image showing the list of existing support calls

  1. Once you click the support call, you will be able to see any notes that have been added by the owning engineer. In the same window you will also see an overview of the issue and any previous updates. To respond to the most recent engineer update, click Update Call.
Image showing the Update Call button

  1. You will then be presented with a text box for you to add your update. If you have been asked to send any screenshots or files containing non-sensitive data, these can also be uploaded to the call from this window. There are some further options towards the bottom to indicate if you are handing the call back to RM or retaining ownership; in addition you can request how you would like to be contacted. Once you have entered all the necessary information, click Update Call.
Image showing the update call window

Finally, you will be taken to an overview window showing your update and who the next call interaction is with.
Image showing the call update confirmation window

Other Useful Articles

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