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How to register and use the RM Community
Published Date : 12 Sep 2014   Last Updated : 04 Mar 2019   Content Ref: NWS4094307  

Please note that you only have to access the RM Community through RM Unify the first time you register. After that you can access it directly using the link: https://community.rm.com/community/

You will need to sign in using your RM unify login and password, but that's all.  

How to register

You will need an RM Unify account - either RM Unify (which is free) or Premium - to access the community. If your establishment already has an RM Unify account, then please contact your local administrator to get a username and password. If your establishment doesn't have one, please follow the 'Registering for RM Unify' instructions below to sign up. Once your RM Unify account has been set up, you can register for the RM Community (please see the 'Registering for the RM Community' section further below for details). Please note the initial registration process takes a while, but after that it will be quick and simple to log in.

How to de-register

If you no longer want to be part of the RM Community, please email communities-help@rm.com and your details will be removed from our database.

Registering for RM Unify

  1. Go to https://rmunify.com/signup and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the form (see screenshot below).
    Important note: If you are an RM support partner then you will need to enter the following in the 'DFE number' field:
    Local Authority (LA) - enter your 3-digit DFE number followed by 0000.
    Other RM support partner - enter 0000000.
  2. Once you have completed the form, click 'Let's get started'.
Screenshot of the RM Unify registration form

Screenshot of the RM Unify registration form

Screenshot of the RM Unify registration form

After you've completed the sign up, you'll receive an email* containing your RM Unify administrator login details. (The timescale for receiving the email is approximately 24 hours from when you submitted the form for premium, non-premium may take longer.)

Registering for the RM Community

  1. Log in to RM Unify.
  2. Install the RM Community tile from the App Library. Please see the section 'Using the App Library' in the Quick Start Guide below for instructions.
  3. Click the RM Community tile that you've just added to your Launch Pad and you will be presented with an online registration form.
  4. Enter your name in the Display Name field (this is the name that will be visible to other members when you post, or reply to a post, so should be your full name).
  5. Enter your email address in the Email Address and Confirm Email Address fields.
  6. Click Register and a screen will appear saying User Registration Successful; click the Continue button.
  7. Read the 'Terms of use for the RM Community' and tick the two boxes at the bottom to accept the RM Community Rules, terms and conditions and the RM Community website storing and using cookies.
  8. Click Confirm.

That's it - you now have access to the RM Community; from now on it will be quick and simple to log in. If you don't want to go through RM Unify to access the community then you can use this direct link (you'll just need to use your RM Unify username and password to log in): https://community.rm.com/community/

*This email will also contain a link to a quick start guide which explains the different ways of creating RM Unify user accounts (a copy of this guide can also be found in the Other Useful Articles section below). Note: If you're only creating the RM Unify account to access the RM Community, it's fine to create RM Unify user accounts individually using a CSV file. (As the first person from your establishment to register for RM Unify, you will have the administrator account. Therefore, you will need to create individual accounts for any other people in your establishment that want to access the RM Community too.) If you are going to use RM Unify to access online services, we recommend that you use either the RM Unify CSV Extraction Tool or RM Unify AD Sync (for premium customers). For more information on RM Unify, please visit: www.rm.com/rmunify

How to subscribe to a forum or post

You can subscribe to posts and forums that you're interested in and each time they're updated you'll be sent an email. If you've already been active in the RM Community, you may be automatically subscribed to posts you've either created or replied to (unless you removed the tick from the 'Email me replies to this post' box when posting/replying). If you don't want to receive emails on these posts, you will need to unsubscribe yourself. To do this, click 'Unsubscribe from this thread' under the Tools section.

Screenshot showing 'Unsubscribe to this thread' option

There are two ways to subscribe to forums. The first is to click the group you're interested in, then click the Forums link. Under Tools, choose 'Manage subscriptions'. You can choose the forum(s) you want to subscribe to by clicking the No link to change it to Yes.

Screenshot showing how to manage subscriptions

Screenshot showing the Yes and No links

The second way is to click the actual forum you want to subscribe to e.g. 'Staff room, Adverts' and under the Tools section, click 'Subscribe to forum'.  
Screenshot showing 'Subscribe to forum'

To subscribe to a thread, click it and choose 'Subscribe to this thread'.

Screenshot showing 'Subscribe to this thread'

Please remember that if you create a post or reply to one, you will automatically be subscribed unless you remove the tick from the 'Email me replies to this post' box. This tick box doesn't appear if you only click the Reply button, so please choose the 'Use rich formatting' option if you don't want to be automatically subscribed.
Screenshot showing the 'Email me replies to this post' tick box

Screenshot showing the 'Use rich formatting' option

Hyperlinking another user in a post
If you want to hyperlink another community user in a post, you can use the @ symbol. Once you've entered the @ symbol and you start typing the person's name, you will be offered a list of people to choose from.

More information

Two new groups added in Feb 2018

Data protection and online safety groups have been added as requested by the RM product manager.

New group to post scripts added in Dec 2015

Again following feedback, we've created a new group for you to post scripts.

Three new groups added on 3 July 2015

Following feedback, we've added three new dedicated areas to discuss Apple, Google and Microsoft topics. If you've registered for the RM Community, you will have received notification emails advising you that you've automatically been added as a member to these new groups. This saves you having to request manual membership.

Other Useful Articles

RM Unify Quick Start Guide - Welcome to RM Unify (DWN3207672)

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