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Support Online - How to use 'My Support Calls'
Published Date : 31 Aug 2004   Last Updated : 14 Mar 2023   Content Ref: NWS260962  


My Support Calls is the area on our Support website where you can interact with the engineer dealing with an issue that you have raised. The support calls page has separate areas for defining the issue we are working on and the actions being taken. The Tasks section is used to define a set of actions required to progress the call.

You can update a call online, and you also have the option of requesting either an online update or a telephone call in response to an update.


Tasks define a set of actions that should be completed in order to progress a service call. These could be a series of activities or questions that must be answered. Using tasks helps us separate the diagnostic work being taken to resolve a support issue from the non-technical aspects of our communications. 

Each task will have a clear owner; RM will carry out some tasks and others may be actions for you to perform. The result of performing a task is recorded and key information is gained about the issue. This allows us to have a consistent structure for actions within a call and makes it much easier to view the path that a call has taken. Also, we can clearly record the result of each action taken.

Support Call Page screenshot

Section breakdown
  • Latest Update
    This section will be maximised by default and shows the last update added to the call either by you or the RM engineer. This will display the date and time the update was added and who added it. You can also update the call by clicking on the Update Call button in this section.
Latest Update screenshot

  • Tasks requiring your action
    This section displays a list of tasks that the RM engineer believes you need to perform to progress the call. The engineer may also embed links to articles in the RM Knowledge Library to help you resolve the issue.
Tasks requiring your action screenshot

  • Tasks requiring RM action
    This section will display a list of tasks that the RM engineer believes they need to action to progress the call. This will give you visibility of what the RM engineer is investigating on your behalf.
Tasks requiring RM action screenshot

  • Overview
    This section will define clearly the issue that is being addressed as part of this service call. This allows greater clarity for both you and the RM engineer. Minimised by default, this overview is split into three sections:
    Your Issue Summary: The short summary description you may have provided when logging the call.
    Your Issue Detail: The full details of the issue.
    Diagnostic Assessment: Where needed this will be used to specify the issue in technical terms.
    For a large number of calls, the issue statement provided by you when you logged the call will be sufficient to resolve the issue. It is important that we maintain an accurate record of the symptoms you have reported and the Issue Detail section allows us to do this.
    However, we may find that upon investigation the root cause of an issue may be quite removed from the symptoms originally reported. In this instance we will benefit from stating the root cause in more technical terms and the Diagnostic Assessment has been created for this purpose.
Call overview screenshot

  • Completed Tasks
    Minimised by default, the Completed Tasks section will show all the tasks that have already been completed during the call lifetime. The results of the tasks may also be displayed in this section were appropriate.
Completed Tasks screenshot

  • Previous Updates
    Minimised by default, the Previous Updates section will display all the previous update notes made as part of the call.
Previous Updates screenshot

  • Customer/Caller details
    The Customer/Caller details section will display your contact details.
Customer/Caller Details screenshot

  • Updating a call
    There is no need to update individual tasks with your results, as the RM engineer who owns your call will do this. As shown below, you will be able to view the previous update and the outstanding tasks above the New Call Notes section.
Updating a call screenshot

  • Call Ownership section
    If the issue has been resolved, you can close the call. Alternatively, you have the option to update the RM engineer on your progress but still retain ownership of the call (the RM engineer will be notified that you have updated the call, but will not be required to respond), or you can hand to RM (the default selection is to hand the call to us for further investigation). If you do wish to hand the call to us, you can request a telephone or online response in the 'Next interaction method'. (Note: Support working hours are Mon - Fri 8:00am - 6:00pm excluding bank holidays.)
Call Ownership section screenshot

Other Useful Articles

How to log, view and update support calls using RM Support Online (TEC4745850)

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