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Published Date : 27 Jan 2010   Last Updated : 13 Nov 2017   Content Ref: NWS1601760  

How do I search?

The Knowledge Library uses the Google search engine. 

To use, simply type in the word or phrase that you wish to find and click search. If you use more than one word Google will look for articles which contain all of the words you've searched on. 

If you've used a common search term it will only return the first one thousand articles. You can narrow down the search results by clicking on the relevant 'Filter by' category in the left-hand pane.

Search results can be ordered either by date (most recent article first) or rank (most relevant article first). Toggle between the two by using the options under the Search box.

Google uses more than one hundred different algorithms to find and sort the results. It is also a self learning system, which will lead to an improvement in search results over time.  For example, if users frequently click the fourth result more than the top three, this result will move higher up the search ranking.

Advanced search

This gives you the ability to search on an exact phrase to exclude a word from your search results or to do a search on any word in the list of terms. Simply click on the "Advanced Search" link under the main search box and choose your options.

Content references 

If you know the reference of the article you are looking for, just type it in the box. If you're not sure of the prefix e.g. DWN or TEC, you can solely type the number and the article will still be found.

Search for a service call

If you are searching for a service call, the right place to look is the My Support Calls tab on the Support homepage. In the right-hand pane of the My Support Calls tab, enter the service call number in the View Call box and click Go. The service call will now open and you can view and update the call notes.

RM Support - Search for service calls

Search using the My Computer tab

If you type a valid serial number into the Search box it will automatically search and return details of drivers, downloads, support calls and support articles via the My Computer page. More information about the My Computer page can be found here.

My Computer tab - Serial Number Search

RM Community

This opens up a whole new source of help from your colleagues around the country. It is fully interactive, so you can post a question to a forum to initiate a discussion or use solutions that others have implemented successfully. You can choose to receive an email when someone replies to your posting, making sure you don't miss a thing. 

Useful tools

Our Online Librarian service Can't Find It is available if you feel lost in the library and need some help finding an article.

Can't Find It service

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