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How do I know when updates have been released for my network?
Published Date : 23 Apr 2009   Last Updated : 15 Feb 2018   Content Ref: NWS1438445  


 Keeping your network up to date with RM Service Releases, hotfixes and critical security updates is vital, and an essential part of your job.

We release updates regularly and try our best to let you know so that you can install them as soon as possible. Below is a simple guide to show how you can ensure you are always aware of our releases.

RSS reader - don't get caught without one!

RSS icon

An RSS reader is one of your most valuable bits of kit - the network manager's best friend!

Grab yourself a free RSS reader from the many available on the Internet. If you are not familiar with RSS then, put simply, it means that every time we release a new update for you a message pops up on your desktop telling you.

Have a look at an example below (in this case the NewsGator FeedDemon) showing all the available Community Connect® 4 updates.

Screenshot of RSS reader

Get yourself a free reader from the Internet, and then add the RM feeds that you need. These are listed for you in the article 'List of RSS feeds available from RM Support' in the Other Useful Articles section at the end of this article.

You will never miss a critical update again!

Software update overview guides and My Library

The essential articles that you need from the RM Knowledge Library are our Overview Guides available for Community Connect 4 software updates and Driver Updates.

These articles are updated whenever we release a new download so if you haven't installed an RSS reader then remember to check them regularly, or why not add them to your My Library? My Library allows you to create your own RM Knowledge Library of your favourite articles, accessible from the My Library tab whenever you are logged in to RM Support.

These vital articles are all linked in the Other Useful Articles section at the end of this article. (Note: These links will only appear if you have a valid support contract that entitles you to view the articles).

Community Connect 4 and WSUS

If you have a Community Connect 4 network, Microsoft® updates are validated by us and then delivered automatically via the Microsoft® Windows Server Update Services (WSUS). All that you need to do is install the RM WSUS component; available as a free download from the article 'Microsoft® Windows Server Update Services (Microsoft® WSUS) for Community Connect 4' in the Other Useful Articles section at the end of this article. (Note: The link will only appear if you have a valid support contract that entitles you to view the article).

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