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Workaround to Enable Starspell 2001 to Run on a RM Window Box for Windows XP
Published Date : 18 Mar 2003   Last Updated : 08 Mar 2013   Content Ref: TEC97189  


When attempting to run Starspell 2001 from Fisher Marriott logged in as Pupil on a RM Window Box for Windows XP computer the following error message is returned:

"Run-time error 3051.  Couldn't open file C:\starsp2\Database\user.mdb"


Fisher Marriott have confirmed that the program is not 100% Windows XP compliant.  It requires full access to databases stored in the installation folder and this can be restricted by a Windows XP Restricted User account.   By design the Pupil account on a RM Window Box for Windows XP has restrictions in place preventing access to some folders on the hard drive.  This is desirable to prevent pupils making changes to operating system or other sensitive files.


The simple workaround detailed below gives full access to the Starspell 2001 database folder for the Pupil account.

  1. Log on as Manager and install Starspell 2001 in the usual way.
  2. Close all open windows and return to the Manager's desktop.
  3. Click on Start and then Run.
  4. In the open box type cmd and click on OK.
  5. A black window will open with a command prompt (blinking cursor).
  6. At the command prompt type the following:

    cacls c:\starsp2 /T /G everyone:F

  7. Press Enter and confirm you wish to proceed by typing a Y and pressing Enter again.
  8. Type Exit and press Enter to close the window.
  9. Double click on the Classmate Manager icon and double click on the class you wish to have access to Starspell 2001.
  10. Click on Change this Class's resources and select the Program Set that Starspell 2001 is to be available in.
  11. Click on Add Resource.
  12. Browse to the Starspell 2001 folder, select the Starspell 2001 icon within it and click the Open button.
  13. Close ClassMate Manager.

The new resource will now be available to that Class in the Pupil account.

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