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How to connect and install printers on your Tablet PC (RTAB910)
Published Date : 05 Feb 2003   Last Updated : 15 Oct 2012   Content Ref: TEC63454  


USB compatible printer & USB cable

  • To connect a printer to your Tablet PC, we recommend using a USB connection. (For parallel information see below)
  • Most modern printers connect with USB and some have the choice of USB or parallel connections.
  • If a printer is currently connected with a parallel cable, this does not mean that you cannot connect it via USB. Either look in the printer's documentation, or look on the printer itself for a socket which is approximately 1cm square. You may need to purchase a standard USB cable to connect the printer to the Tablet PC.

The location of the two available USB sockets on the Tablet PC is indicated below: 

  Teacher version - RTAB910-T01

Note: Firewire connection and PCMCIA and Flashcard slots are not present on the Pupil version - model RTAB910-P01


Installing the printer

  1. Connect the printer to the mains and to the Tablet PC with the USB cable, and then turn the printer on.
  2. Windows XP Tablet Edition will detect that the printer has been attached and turned on and will attempt to find and install software for the printer.
  3. If Windows finds the driver (many printer drivers are built into XP) it will install it and you will be able to use the printer straight away.
  4. If Windows cannot find the driver, it will start the New Hardware wizard.
  5. If at this point you have a CD drive or floppy drive attached, insert the printer software disks into the drive, and allow Windows to search for the driver on that media.
  6. If you don't have access to external media, Windows may come up with the message "Cannot install this hardware"
  7. Your only option left is to connect to the Internet to do one of two things:
    1. Allow Windows to find the driver itself on the Internet.
    2. Navigate to the printer manufacturers website to find the driver yourself.


1. Allow Windows to find the driver itself

  1. Remove the printer USB cable from the Tablet PC (no need to turn off the Tablet PC or the printer).
  2. Go to Start / Printers & Faxes.
  3. Delete any failed installations of printers which relate to the printer you are trying to install.
  4. Close down and restart the Tablet PC.
  5. On restart, connect to the Internet in your usual way.
  6. Once connected, plug the printer USB cable back in (with printer turned on is OK).
  7. This time Windows will detect the printer, and if it can't find a driver, will look on the Internet for one.
  8. If it still doesn't find the driver, continue below.

2. Navigate to the printer manufacturers website to find the driver yourself.

Printer manufacturers have the latest downloadable drivers on their websites. Here is a selection of the most popular printer manufacturers web addresses:

Note that printer driver downloads from the manufacturers site can be large in size, and therefore may take some time to download.

More Information

Parallel-only Printers

Some parallel-only printers may be able to be used with a Tablet PC via the Docking Station (available as an optional extra).

However parallel-only printers are usually older printers, and therefore may have issues which cannot be resolved. For example, the printer just will not work, there are no XP drivers, or full functionality of the printer may not be achieved.

RM can only provide a limited support in connecting such printers to the Tablet PC. 

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