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RM Ascend 2040 workstations fail to install packages after installing Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3
Published Date : 11 May 2010   Last Updated : 10 Apr 2015   Content Ref: TEC1662043  


Community Connect® 3 (CC3) networks

This issue has been identified to occur on RM Ascend 2040 workstations. After Windows XP Service Pack 3 has installed, the build process fails to install subsequent packages as a result of the network interface not initialising quickly enough.


This occurs due to an incompatibility between the revision of the onboard network driver and Windows XP Service Pack 3.


An RM Ascend 2040 workstation is affected by this issue.


Community Connect 3 networks

The driver files in the server build share will need updating. This will need to be completed on each CC3 Build Server. The updated files are attached to this article and will need to be copied to the required folder location. 
This update will also be made available in a future hardware support pack.

  1. Log on to the Community Connect 3 Forest Root server as a system administrator.
  2. Download the file CC3_NVNF1.exe from this article and copy to C:\temp on the server.
  3. Double-click on the file and then Unzip to extract the file to C:\temp (default location).
  4. Click Start, choose My Computer and browse to the following folder:
  5. Right-click on the folder NVNF1 and select Copy to archive to a folder location.
  6. Click Start, choose My Computer and browse to the folder D:\RMNetwork\RMManage\RMRebuild\Archive, right-click in the folder and select Paste.
  7. Browse to the location of the new driver folder (C:\temp\RMDRV\MBD). Right-click the NVNF1 folder and select Copy from the drop-down menu.
  8. Browse to the RMDRV\MBD driver folder in the build area so that is open (D:\RMNetwork\RMManage\RMRebuild\XPBuild\RMDRV\MBD).
  9. Right-click in this folder and click Paste from the menu. This will overwrite the files in the NVNF1 folder. A prompt will appear to Confirm Folder Replace. Select 'Yes to All'.
  10. The update is now complete. The workstation build will need to be started again so that the newer driver will install.
    Note: If newer revisions of these drivers are copied to the build area in the future, then these will be installed instead.


The driver installs can be checked after the workstation has completed the build using the Device Manager to verify the network driver revision.

Possible Issues

If the installation of packages still fails during the build process, log onto the workstation and check that the driver revision for the network device is 73.1.0.

If the older driver is still present, check that any replica servers have the driver copied to the build location and also check that the older driver is still not present in the XPBuild folder or sub folder. The driver files to check are nvnetbus.inf and nvenetfd.inf and these files are located on the build servers in the \RMDRV\MBD\NVNF1 and the \RMDRV\MBD\NVNF1\Ethernet folders.


FilenameFile SizeDownload
CC3_NVNF1.exe58.59 Mb Download

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