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RM Easirespond
Published Date : 12 Oct 2011   Last Updated : 12 Jun 2012   Content Ref: PRD2269144  


Hardware and software requirements

The minimum and recommended hardware and software required to use RM Easirespond is:

  Minimum Recommended
Operating system Standalone computers using Microsoft® Windows® XP SP3 (32 bit), Windows Vista® (32 or 64 bit) or Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit)  
Processor Windows: 1.8GHz+ 2.0GHz+
Memory Windows: 512MB 1GB
Storage 500MB 1GB
Screen 1024x768 1024x768 or above

The following pre-requisites are required for the Windows® operating system:

  • Adobe Air 2.6
  • Microsoft® .Net Framework 4 Client Profile

What is RM Easirespond?

RM Easirespond is a whole-class voting application which puts you in the driving seat for creating and delivering engaging interactive activities. The tools are rich and powerful, but also easy-to-use, removing barriers and allowing you to make the most of your classroom hardware tools.

RM Easirespond has been designed specifically for education and whole-class teaching. You can use it throughout your school and across the entire range of curriculum subjects.

As each pupil has an allocated handset, they can vote on the answers to questions and their responses will be recorded and retained, not just for the individual activity but over a period of time. This means that the pupil's progress can be accurately monitored, and the pupil's ability can be accurately assessed, helping with lesson planning and in meeting the individual's learning needs.

The pupils themselves will find the activities engaging and inspiring because they include videos, animations, sound and images, which help to not only illustrate actual examples, but also to bring the subject to life.


User guide

The RM Easirespond user guide is linked below. This guide can also be accessed from the 'e' menu, by selecting the Help option in the RM Easirespond application.

Note: You will need Adobe® Reader® installed in order to view this document.

Click on the link in the Download section below to open the PDF file. To save the file, right-click the disk icon and choose Save Target As. When the Save As window is displayed and prompts for a location for saving the download to, browse to the folder where you want to save it and click Save. When it has downloaded, click Close.

Troubleshooting and Known Issues

Warranty cover

RM Easirespond has a one-year warranty period from the date of despatch. This warranty covers a free-of-charge replacement of the hardware that has failed.

The warranty provision will replace the faulty component, for e.g. if one handset is faulty, one handset is replaced. The warranty does not replace the whole Easirespond kit, if an individual component item is faulty.

Part descriptions

1V1-693: RM Easirespond - individual student handset (spares)
1V1-703: RM Easirespond - individual teacher handset (spares)
1V1-704: RM Easirespond - individual receiver (spares)
1V1-705: RM Easirespond - individual USB cable (spares)

Support procedure
The software and hardware support procedure is identified in 'NWS2270261: Support for RM Easirespond' in the Other Useful Articles section below.


FilenameFile SizeDownload
Easirespond-UserGuide-en_GB.pdf4.32 Mb Download

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