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RM Technical Seminars
Published Date : 27 Apr 2010   Last Updated : 23 Oct 2012   Content Ref: NWS1369443  

What are the Technical Seminars?

The Technical Seminars are informative and educational events for the network managers and ICT technicians who run RM networks.


What does the day involve?

The day consists of an introductory welcome session, nine seminars from which delegates can attend three, plus an end of day session which all delegates attend. The seminars are aimed at improving technical knowledge, raising awareness of new or improved products, and making the most of the resources delegates currently have.

In the breaks between sessions, delegates can meet with their peers, RM staff and carefully selected partner companies to discuss the latest products and services on offer.

Who can attend?
Anyone who has an interest in Educational ICT is welcome to attend.  You can purchase a delegate place at a cost of £85 (plus VAT).  If you have an RM Support contract that includes 'NSB  & Seminars' then you already have entitlement to attend these events which you can check at NWS1411417

How do I book?

You will find a full agenda and session descriptions
and can book your place at the RM Technical Seminars at

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