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Acceptable Use Policy templates
Published Date : 02 Aug 2004   Last Updated : 17 Feb 2014   Content Ref: DWN200100  


These Acceptable Use Policy templates are designed to provide a starting point for you to create a policy. All users including staff should be subject to a policy defining how they should use the ICT equipment. 

We have created example templates, easily adaptable to different establishment types, on which you can base your own Acceptable Use Policies.

Download Instructions

Click on the downloads below to open the templates.

If you wish to save the file to disk, you can do this by right clicking on the link in this article and selecting Save Target As. If the template is already open, you can save the file by clicking the floppy disk icon.

Each template has been converted into an Microsoft® Word® (.doc) file which you can print out, or save and edit to suit your own requirements. 


FilenameFile SizeDownload
Staff_AUP.doc36 kb Download
Student_AUP.doc36 kb Download

Download File Contents

These templates produced by the RM Technical Communications Group contain information from the following sources:

  • Becta
  • Superhighway Safety pack from the National Grid for Learning
  • NCH Action for Children

RM would like to thank the following people for their contributions to this article:

  • Mike Monaghan, ICT Systems Manager, Manningtree High School
  • Andy Wade, Head of IT, Ladies' College, Guernsey
  • Uta Wagemakers, IT Adviser, Cornwall Education Advisory Service

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